Mark Embree

Professor of Mathematics
Virginia Tech
Professor, Department of Mathematics
Leader, Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA) division

Office:   575 McBryde Hall (VT map)
Mailing Address:  225 Stanger Street 0123, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Telephone:  (540) 231-9592
Office Hours:  Monday 1:30-3pm, Thursday 1:30-3pm, and by appointment

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Virginia Tech's Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA) major

In Spring 2015, Virginia Tech launched this new undergraduate major, a collaboration between the departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics. Faculty have developed ten new courses for the major. Other departments have designed specialized options for students seeking to exercise CMDA skills in particular applications (biology, economics, physics). The first class graduated in May 2017. As of January 2019, CMDA has produced over 100 alumni and has 475 current students pursuing the major.

Spring 2019 teaching

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Convergence Theory for Iterative Eigensolvers
Simons Institute workshop on Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra and Applications, September 2018, UC Berkeley.

Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems: Interpolatory Algorithms and Transient Dyanmics
SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, May 2018, Hong Kong Baptist University
Version with pseudospectra movie is available here.

CUR Matrix Factorizations: Algorithms, Analysis, Applications

Pseudospectra and Nonnormal Dynamical Systems (4th Elgersburg School, March 2012)

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Spectra and Pseudospectra

  Spectra and Pseudospectra: The Behavior of Nonnormal Matrices and Operators
Lloyd N. Trefethen and Mark Embree
Princeton University Press, 2005.
Section 1 in PDF from Princeton University Press
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EigTool, Tom Wright's excellent code for computing pseudospectra, is now on GitHub.
Contributions are welcome!

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