Partial Differential Equations

Research Advisors for Partial Differential Equations

      • John Burns profile picture
      • John Burns

        Professor Burns' current research is focused on computational methods for modeling, control, estimation and optimization of complex systems where spatially distributed information is essential. This includes systems modeled by partial and delay differential equations. Recent applications include modeling and control of thermal fluids, design and thermal management systems and optimization of mobile sensor networks.

      • Jong Uhn Kim

        Professor Kim's research has been in analysis of partial differential equations which arise in fluid mechanics and elasticity.

      • Honghu Liu profile picture
      • Honghu Liu

        Professor Liu's research focuses on the design of effective low-dimensional reduced models for nonlinear deterministic and stochastic PDEs as well as DDEs. Applications to classical and geophysical fluid dynamics are actively pursued. Particular problems that are addressed include bifurcation analysis, phase transition, surrogate systems for optimal control, and stochastic closures for turbulence.

      • Eyvindur Paisson profile picture
      • Eyvindur Ari Palsson

        Assistant Professor Palsson conducts research in harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory, combinatorics, number theory and partial differential equations.

      • Robert Rogers profile picture
      • Bob Rogers

        Professor Rogers studies continuum mechanics and nonconvex problems in partial differential equations. He also studies models of acoustics.

      • Sho-Ming Sun profile picture
      • Shu-Ming Sun

        Professor Sun's research interests include the mathematical theory of fluid mechanics, the theory of partial differential equations, and applied nonlinear analysis.

Researchers in Partial Differential Equations

      • Numann Malik profile picture
      • Numann Malik

        Dr. Malik's interests lie in nonlinear partial differential equations; specifically the asymptotic behavior, orbital stability, and effective dynamics, of dark solitons that arise from defocusing nonlinear Schrodinger equations.

      • Teffera M. Asfaw

        Dr. Teffera Asfaw conducts research in nonlinear analysis. The main research areas are degree and variational inequality theories and applications. The goal of the research is to derive existence theorems for inclusion and inequality problems and their applications to operator equations and inequalities in appropriate function spaces.