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Mathematical Biology

Mathematical Biology is an interdisciplinary area that involves development of novel mathematical tools to provide insight into biological processes. This is done in close collaboration with empirical researchers from biological sciences, medicine, engineering and public health, among others. We combine model development, analytical and numerical tools, as well as data to address real-world problems. Research programs by our faculty include modeling immune response and infectious disease spread.

Picture of a biocomplexity researcher looking through a telescope

Research Advisors for Mathematical Biology

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    Lauren Childs profile picture
    Lauren M. Childs , bio

    Professor Childs develops and analyzes mathematical and computational models to examine biologically-motivated questions.

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    Stanca Ciupe profile picture
    Stanca M. Ciupe , bio

    Dr. Ciupe's research interest is in the field of applied mathematics, specifically, systems of ordinary and delay differential equations and their application to biology and medicine.

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    Omar Saucedo profile picture
    Omar Saucedo , bio

    Assistant Professor Saucedo's research is Mathematical Biology with an emphasis on modeling infectious diseases.

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    Nicole Abaid profile picture
    Nicole Abaid , bio

    Dr. Abaid's research focuses on networked dynamical systems. She studies diverse biological systems, ranging from animal groups to brain networks, to inspire novel results in mathematical modeling and control.

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    John Burns profile picture
    John Burns , bio

    Professor Burns' current research is focused on computational methods for modeling, control, estimation and optimization of complex systems where spatially distributed information is essential. This includes systems modeled by partial and delay differential equations. Recent applications include modeling and control of thermal fluids, design and thermal management systems and optimization of mobile sensor networks.

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    Layne T. Watson profile picture
    Layne T. Watson , bio

    Dr. Watson's research interests include numerical analysis; nonlinear programming; mathematical software; solid mechanics; fluid mechanics; image processing; parallel computation; bioinformatics.

Affiliated Faculty

Researchers of Mathematical Biology

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    Teshome Balkew profile picture
    Teshome Balkew , bio

    My research interest is on Optimal Control Theory, Operations Research, Data Analytics.