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Research in analysis includes real, complex, and functional analysis. Specific research programs carried out by faculty members in our department include harmonic analysis and applications of analysis to fluid dynamics and mathematical physics.

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Research Advisors for Analysis

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    Alex Elgart profile picture
    Alex Elgart , bio

    Professor Elgart primary research area is mathematical physics. The mathematical tools he uses mostly come from analysis and probability.

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    Peter Haskell profile picture
    Peter Haskell , bio

    Professor Haskell conducts research in index theory, which is the study of the connections between analysis and topological or geometric structures.

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    Jong Uhn Kim , bio

    Professor Kim's research has been in analysis of partial differential equations which arise in fluid mechanics and elasticity.

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    Peter Linell profile picture
    Peter A. Linnell , bio

    Professor Linnell conducts research in pure mathematics, especially algebra, with a little analysis and topology.

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    Eyvindur Paisson profile picture
    Eyvindur Ari Palsson , bio

    Assistant Professor Palsson conducts research in harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory, combinatorics, number theory and partial differential equations.

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    Robert Rogers profile picture
    Bob Rogers , bio

    Professor Rogers studies continuum mechanics and nonconvex problems in partial differential equations. He also studies models of acoustics.

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    John Rossi profile picture
    John Rossi , bio

    Professor Rossi conducts research in complex function theory with specialties in value distribution theory and potential theory.

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    Sho-Ming Sun profile picture
    Shu-Ming Sun , bio

    Professor Sun's research interests include the mathematical theory of fluid mechanics, the theory of partial differential equations, and applied nonlinear analysis.

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    Went Sun profile picture
    Wenbo Sun , bio

    Assistant Professor Wenbo Sun works on the problems lying at the interaction of ergodic theory, combinatorics, and number theory.

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    Yun Yang profile picture
    Yun Yang , bio

    Assistant professor Yang conducts research in ergodic theory and dynamical systems.

Researchers in Analysis

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    Josh Clemons profile picture
    Josh Clemons , bio

    Math Emporium Academic Manager. Dr. Clemons does research in the overlapping ares of complex dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and topology and teaches a wide variety of traditional courses in differential equations and combinatorics.

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    Numann Malik profile picture
    Numann Malik , bio

    Dr. Malik's interests lie in nonlinear partial differential equations; specifically the asymptotic behavior, orbital stability, and effective dynamics, of dark solitons that arise from defocusing nonlinear Schrodinger equations.

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    Teffera M. Asfaw , bio

    Dr. Teffera Asfaw conducts research in nonlinear analysis. The main research areas are degree and variational inequality theories and applications. The goal of the research is to derive existence theorems for inclusion and inequality problems and their applications to operator equations and inequalities in appropriate function spaces.