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Geometry & Topology

Research Advisors for Geometry & Topology

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    Peter Haskell profile picture
    Peter Haskell , bio

    Professor Haskell conducts research in index theory, which is the study of the connections between analysis and topological or geometric structures.

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    Peter Linell profile picture
    Peter A. Linnell , bio

    Professor Linnell conducts research in pure mathematics, especially algebra, with a little analysis and topology.

Researchers in Geometry & Topology

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    Joseph Wells  profile picture
    Joseph Wells , bio

    Dr. Wells thinks about most things related to complex hyperbolic geometry. In particular, he is interested in (non-)arithmetic subgroups of SU(n,1) and, lately, spherical CR-uniformizations of 3-manifolds.

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    Josh Clemons profile picture
    Josh Clemons , bio

    Math Emporium Academic Manager. Dr. Clemons does research in the overlapping ares of complex dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and topology and teaches a wide variety of traditional courses in differential equations and combinatorics.

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    Nur Saglam profile picture
    Nur Saglam , bio

    Visiting Assistant Professor Saglam's research interests are low-dimensional topology, symplectic topology and contact topology.

Research Projects in Geometry & Topology