Mathematics Education

The mathematics education research group is interdisciplinary by nature of its subject. We include faculty from the School of Education, as well as the Department of Mathematics, and we collaborate with faculty members accross the university, from departments in engineering, physics, psychology, sociology... Our collective research spans K-16 mathematics teaching and learning. Graduate students and undergraduate researchers regularly engage in research with faculty. Please see individual faculty research areas and specific projects below.

Robert Berry with math ed faculty

Research Advisors for Mathematics Education in the Math Department

      • Estrella Johnson profile picture
      • Estrella Johnson

        Professor Johnson's research focuses on the pedagogical practices of mathematicians, with the goal of better understanding and supporting high quality, ambitious teaching in undergraduate mathematics classrooms.

      • Anderson Norton profile picture
      • Anderson Norton

        Professor Norton conducts research in mathematics education, building psychological models of students' mathematics and their mathematical development.

      • Anderson Norton profile picture
      • Megan Wawro

        Associate Professor Wawro's research involves investigating students' reasoning about linear algebra in quantum mechanics and the development of inquiry-oriented instructional materials for linear algebra.

Researchers of Mathematics Education in the School of Education

      • Katy Ulrich
      • Katy Ulrich

        Dr. Ulrich is Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning in the School of Education. She builds models of how students construct number concepts. In particular, she is currently working on building models of how middle school students construct their integer (signed number) concepts.

      • Jay Wilkins
      • Jay Wilkins

        Dr. Wilkins is Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Wilkins' research interests include: understanding and measuring quantitative literacy, children's development of fraction concepts, mathematical beliefs and attitudes, and the teaching and learning of probability and statistics.

      • Betti Kreye
      • Betti Kreye

        Dr. Kreye is Clinical Associate Professor in Mathematics Education in Teaching and Learning. She teaches advanced curriculum and instruction courses for elementary and middle school mathematics majors, works with interns and student teachers at the secondary level, and works with the Mathematics Specialist Master's Program.

Researchers of Mathematics Education in the Math Department

      • Rachel Arnold profile picture
      • Rachel Arnold

        Dr. Arnold conducts research on mathematical teaching and learning in upper-level mathematics courses, such as Introduction to Proofs and Advanced Calculus.

      • Steven Silber profile picture
      • Steven Silber

        Mr. Silber conducts research in mathematics education, examining students' engagement and reasoning in novel mathematical tasks.

      • Victoria Truman profile picture
      • Victoria Truman

        Dr. Truman conducts research in mathematics education, studying mathematical problem-solving of college students and other adults in areas such as linear algebra with a particular focus on adults on the autism spectrum.

      • Jason R. Wilson

        Collegiate Assistant Professor Wilson teaches Math and CMDA classes. His research interests include large scale linear algebra, high performance computing, and the mathematical foundations of data science.