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Students wanting to add a math major or switch to a math major can do so between February 15 and March 31, during First Summer Session, or between October 1 and the day before Thanksgiving break.

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The 2015 Fifth Annual SIAM Mid-Atlantic Regional Mathematical Student Conference and Industrial Days is March 20-21 at George Mason University. It is hosted by the SIAM student chapters of George Mason University, Virginia Tech, and Shippensburg University.

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Nick Loehr - Dr. Loehr's research areas are bijective and algebraic combinatorics. The main problem in bijective combinatorics is to prove that two finite sets have the same size by exhibiting a specific one-to-one correspondence between them. Some of the most elegant proofs in mathematics occur in this field. The illustration depicts a colored, directed tree growing around a cylinder. This tree appears in a bijective proof of a recently discovered identity in the theory of integer partitions.

Algebraic combinatorics deals with the interplay between combinatorics and certain areas of abstract algebra, including representation theory, symmetric functions, Lie algebras, and algebraic geometry. An intricate combinatorial calculus has been developed for computing with symmetric functions and related constructs by drawing and operating on suitable pictures of partitions, tableaux, parking functions, lattice paths, etc. Quantum analogues of these combinatorial objects lead to deep results about Macdonald polynomials, the Bergeron-Garsia nabla operator, Hilbert schemes, and more.