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MATH 1225 Wait List: The submission deadline is 11:00pm on Sunday, August 6. To be eligible to enroll in MATH 1225 you must be MATH 1225 - Ready.

Students who are unable to add a Math class should complete the information at Math Fall 2017 Drop/Add Survey.

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Stanca Ciupe - I am interested in the relative contributions of antibody and cellular mediated immune responses against virus infections such as HIV, hepatitis B and dengue virus infections. To understand the mechanisms of protection, I develop and analyze mathematical models of host-virus interactions and validate then against human and animal data. These models are used to answer questions such as: (1) How much antibody is needed to protect against infection? (2) Once infection occurs, what mechanisms explain the observed viral dynamics? (3) What are the quantitative and qualitative contributions of the different arms of immune response to viral clearance? (4) How can predictions at the level of individuals guide public health interventions at the population level?

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