University of Karlsruhe

This is a selective program focused on undergraduate and graduate level mathematics, where classes are taught in English. In addition German language classes are offered. Excellent students (with a bachelor degree) have the opportunity to acquire the degree Master of Science.

The department of mathematics at the University of Karlsruhe offers a variety of courses and research opportunities in pure and applied mathematics as well as joint programs with the engineering and economics department

For the undergraduate program, each student has a personal faculty Mentor (professor) to help with initial orientation and continuing support. There is also an orientation program prior to the start of the academic year. Two years in a university are required before entering the program, and thirty students from abroad are admitted each year. At present there are no tuition fees for either program!

The masters study program, which is normally four semesters long, includes certain required topics and writing a Master's thesis. The courses are organized as: lectures (possibly with additional tutorials), practicums, and seminars. It is possible to take the required courses in English but there are also additional offerings in German.

In each semester of the masters study program, the students have to take approximately 20 semester hours (SWS) of courses, with a total of 80 SWS for the Master's program. The student selects courses from a core curriculum and takes a minimum of 46 semester hours (SWS). There is a separate exam for each of these courses. The students have the opportunity to take additional mathematics courses according to their interests in order to expand and deepen their knowledge. German language and culture courses are also offered. The Master's thesis counts as 20 SWS.