The Combined M.S./B.S. Program

Application to this program is open to students who have achieved a minimum QCA of 3.5. It permits up to twelve (12) hours of graduate study while enrolled as an undergraduate student. In order to receive graduate credit, the student must be accepted for graduate study. The student must have completed a minimum of seventy-five (75) hours of undergraduate work at the time of the application. (Some colleges and departments may require application to be delayed until the student completes more credit hours of undergraduate study or require a higher QCA.) The graduate courses taken will be accepted in lieu of courses for the completion of the B.S. degreemeaning that the courses taken will count toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The application must consist of:

a) The general application for graduate study at Virginia Tech (These can be picked up in Sandy Hall at the Graduate School reception desk.)

b) Two letters of recommendation as required by the application (Please have writer place in envelope and sign over the seal.)

c) An official transcript

d) A program of study detailing what courses will be taken as a graduate student which will also be accepted in lieu of undergraduate courses. The student and the department must agree to specific graduate courses to be taken and to which courses in the undergraduate curriculum they will replace. The department must approve this program of study before the application will be forwarded to the graduate school.

e) A $25.00 check for the application fee

Some restrictions:

There will be no exceptions to the 3.5 QCA rule or the seventy-five hour rule.

Please note that the use of the name "5 year" is not meant to insure the completion of the masters in precisely five years. While in most cases this should be possible, the number of graduate hours completed while an undergraduate, the number of hours required for the M.S., and the vagaries of thesis research may require a specific student to take longer than five years. A student should not seek to enroll in this program unless the student is reasonably sure that such work will enhance and shorten graduate study.

Colleges and departments may, at their option, increase the requirements for application to the program. For instance, they may require a higher QCA or more hours of undergraduate study before the application. Departments and colleges may not reduce the requirements without the introduction of new legislation to the relevant Commissions and the University Council.

The role of the Honors Program is to insure that the application process is of minimal difficulty. The director of the program insures that the application is complete, does not exceed twelve hours credit, and that the student qualifies. The application is then forwarded to the graduate school. Explicitly, Honors does not question the arrangements made between the department and the student. The purpose of the combined degree program is to permit departments and students to develop continuing academic relationships within the degree programs at Virginia Tech.