University Honors Program

Virginia Tech is very fortunate to have an excellent Honors Program, and very enthusiastic Honors personnel. The support, direction, and encouragement provided in this program is immeasurable. For example, in the past five years in Mathematics, we have had three National Goldwater Fellowship winners, and a Rhodes Scholar. These were all wonderful students, but all of them would tell you that a significant part of their success was their participation in the Honors Program. In Mathematics we strongly encourage our qualified students to join the Honors Program. Two important features of this program for our students have been participation in undergraduate research projects and in the combined BS/MS degree program. There are also Honors Colloquia, service projects, and honors sections of individual classes. Moreover, there is a great deal of flexibility towards designing your own graduation requirements. For more detailed information on these and other aspects of the Honors Program, we encourage you to visit the Honors Program homepage.