Undergraduate Research Information

The Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech emphasizes and features activity in undergraduate research. Numerous institutions, including the National Science Foundation, the American Mathematical Society, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, also emphasize the importance of developing research opportunities for undergraduates. Undergraduate research experiences serve to prepare students for life after the BS degree, both in the industrial world and in graduate school.

Most undergraduate research is conducted through projects, directed by faculty members, for credit as Math 4994.

Layman Prize. In 1996 John Layman began funding an annual prize for undergraduate research in mathematics. The prize is not limited to math majors, nor honors projects. The first prize, in 1996, was for $250. The competition is called the John C. and Elsie M. Layman prize, in honor of the parents of John Layman.

Layman Prize Winners 2016. Michael Brennan, $250
2015. Blake Keeler, $250
2014. Mark Lewers, $250
2013. Lydia Krott, $250
2012. Jackson Walters, $250
2011. Caleb Magruder, $250
2010. Ben Reid, $250
2009. Toby Shearman, $250
2007. Christopher Tompkins, $250
2006. Matthew Yancey, $250
2005. Bernard Farley, $250
2003. Praphat Fernandes, $250
2002. Steven Hair, $250
2001. Erika Roberts, $250
2000. Brian Sutton, $250
1999. No competition
1998. Neural Networks Group, $250 (Walborn, Rollek, Nguyen, Shebey, Young)
1997. Karen Potanka, $250
1996. Jason Martin, $250

Undergraduate Research Facilitator The person to contact for information on undergraduate research in mathematics is Dr. Serkan Gugercin.