Jobs Prospects of 2008 graduating Seniors

Master's Program in Math, Virginia Tech - Six Graduates

Master's Program in Education, Virginia Tech - Nine Graduates

Graduate Program in Math, University of Waterloo

Graduate Program in Math, Michigan State University

Ph.D. Program, Stanford University

Master's Program in EE, Virginia Tech

Master's Program in Biomedical Engineering, Virginia Tech/Wake Forest

Associate Scientist, BNN Technologies

Analyst, Metron Incorporated

Nuclear Engineer, Aiden SC

Active Duty, USAF - Whiting Naval Station

Second Lieutenant, USAF - Germany

Operations Research Analysts (two), Center for Army Analysis

Software Developer, Mail Trust

Radar Systems, NAVSEA

Software Engineer, IBM

Crop Insurance Division, Morrissey Insurance Company

EEDP Program, GE

Jobs Prospects of 2007 graduating Seniors

Master's Program in Math, Virginia Tech - Seven Graduates

Master's Program in Education, Virginia Tech - Thirteen Graduates

Graduate Program in Math, University of SC

Graduate Program in CE, Dartmouth College

Analyst, Federal Government

Teaching Math, Chesapeake PS - Two Graduates

US Air Force, Behavioral Scientist

US Air Force, Navigator

DC Energy, Analyst - Investment Firm

NAVSEA, Operations Research Analyst

Mercer Health & Benefits Company, Actuarial Analyst

Insurance Company - New Jersey, Actuary

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Research

CarMax, Richmond, VA Strategy Analyst

Lockheed Martin, Systems Engineer Associate

Prudential Insurance Company, New York City

Jobs Prospects of 2006 graduating Seniors

Graduate Program in AOE, Georgia Tech

Central Intelligence Agency, Chantilly, VA - Engineer

Masters in Financial Mathematics, NC State University

Masters Program in Mathematics, Virginia Tech

Masters Program in EDCI , Virginia Tech - Four Graduates

Mercer Health and Benefits, Richmond, VA - Analyst

Mercer Human Resources, Washington, DC - Actuary

Teaching Mathematics, Fairfax, VA

Software Engineer, Northern Virginia

PhD Program in Physics, Duke University

Microsoft, Software Developer - Redmond, VA

US Air Force, Maintenance Officer

Progressive, Pricing Analyst, Cleveland, OH

Hewitt Associates, Actuary - Atlanta, GA

Master's Program in ME, Virginia Tech

Teaching Mathematics, Nottoway, VA

PhD Program in Statistics, Virginia Tech

Master's Program in Accounting, Virginia Tech

Teaching, Savannah, GA

Master's Program, Wake Forest

Peace Corps, Africa

Prudential Financial, New Jersey

Master's Program in Phyics, Virginia Tech

Ministry, Great Comm. Ministries, Blacksburg Branch

Sales Engineer,Danaher Motion

Jobs Prospects of 2005 graduating Seniors

Raytheon, Aurora Colorado

US Air Force, Navigator

Missionary, South Africa

Masters Program in Mathematics, Virginia Tech - Four Graduates

Masters Program in EDCI, Virginia Tech - Six Graduates

Mercer Human Resources Consulting, Baltimore, Actuary

Teaching Mathematics, Louden County High School

Bioinformatics Graduate Program, North Carolina State

Teaching Mathematics, Hopatcong Middle School, NJ

Teaching Mathematics, Dominion High School, Louden County

MCR Federal, NOVA, Junior Cost Analyst

Booz Allen Hamilton, Consultant, Department of Defense Contracts

Masters Program in Computer Science, Virginia Tech

Teaching Mathematics; Coaching Baseball, Richmond

PhD Program in Economics, University of Virginia

Department of Defense, Washington DC

PhD Program in Economics, University of Wisconsin

Jobs Prospects of 2004 graduating Seniors

Master in Education and Curriculum, Virginia Tech

Teaching Mathematics, Hartford County, MD

Science Applications International Corp., NorthernVirginia

Masters Program in Mathematics, Virginia Tech

Teaching, Alexandria City Schools

Software Developer, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

PhD in Material Science and Engineering, University of California

Oxford University, Undergrad Degrees in Philosophy, Politics and Econ

Ph.D, Program in Mathematics, Stanford

Masters Program in Social Sciences, University of Chicago

PhD Program in Pure Mathematics, University of Virginia

Teaching Mathematics, West Potomac High School

Teaching Mathematics; Coaching Soccer, Blacksburg, Va

Masters Program in Classical Languages, University of Virginia

Teaching Mathematics, Spotsylvania, VA

National Security Agency, Fort Meade, MD

Teaching Mathematics, St. Margaret's School, Tappahannock, VA

Teaching Mathematics, Fairfax County School

American Power Conversion, Rhode Island

Masters Program in Mathematics, Duke University

Mathematical Analyst, Combat Support Systems, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery AL

Masters in Financial Mathematics, North Carolina State

Internship with Campus Crusade, Osaka, Japan

Teaching Mathematics, Queen Anne's County, MD

PhD Program in Computer Science, University of NC

Actuarial Analyst, Richmond, VA

Teaching Mathematics, Harrisonburg, VA

Jobs Prospects of 2003 graduating Seniors

PhD in Statistics, Virginia Tech

IBM, Springfield, VA

MS in Education, Virginia Tech - 4

Systems Administrator, NASA Goddard

Masters in Interdisciplinary Program, University of California, San Diego

PhD in Topology, McMaster University, Canada

Cintas Corporation, Waynesboro, VA

Master in Statistics - Virginia Tech - 2

Masters in Mathematics, Virginia Tech - 4

Officer in US Navy, USS Tortuga Based in Norfolk, VA

Graduate School, George Washington University

PhD in Pure Mathematics, University of Georgia

Teaching Broadneck High School, Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Teaching, Middle School, Richmond, VA

MS in Mathematical Physics, Virginia Tech

PhD in Theoretical Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Consultant, Mercer Human Resources, Baltimore, MD

PhD in Computer Science, Virginia Tech

PhD in Physics, Princeton University

Teaching, Chesterfield County Public Schools

Analytical Scientist, New Combat Systems in the 28th, Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base

MS in Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech

Teaching, Floyd County High School

File Link Business Systems, Inc., Baltimore, MD

Jobs Prospects of 2002 graduating Seniors

Southeastern Baptist Seminary, Wake Forest

Teaching, Maryland

Masters Program in Math, Virginia Tech - 2 Students

Masters Program in Statistics, University of Tennessee

Tecolote Research, Chantilly, VA

US Air Force, Navigation and Weapons Systems

Hardware Design Engineer, National Instruments, Austin, Texas

Masters Program in Education, Virginia Tech

Master Program in EE, Virginia Tech

Statistics of Income Division, IRS, Washington, DC

Masters Program in Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Power System Analyst, Washington, DC

Master Program in Statistics, Virginia Tech

Mathematical Statistician, US Census Bureau, Washington, DC

Second Lieutenant US Air Force, Elgin, AFB, Florida

Software Developer, Microsoft

Recognition Research, Inc., Corporate Research Center, Virginia Tech

Masters Degree in Latin American Studies - Virginia Tech

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Teaching, Carroll County

Masters Program in CS, Virginia Tech

General Manager Prep Program, Ferguson Enterprises

Masters Program in Mathematics, Louisiana State University

Teaching, Richmond, VA

TASC, Subsidiary of Northrop Grumman

Teaching, Hampton Roads Area

Teaching, Christiansburg, High School

Jobs Prospects of 2001 graduating Seniors

Actuarial Analyst, William Mercer, Richmond, VA

Creating Software, Wireless Valley Communications, Blacksburg, VA

Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren, VA

Teaching Secondary Mathematics, Fairfax County Schools

Master Program in Math, Virginia Tech

Kollmorgan Motion Technologies

Teaching, Loudon County Public Schools

Intel Corporation, Folsom, CA

Master Program in EE, Virginia Tech

Teaching Narrows High School, Narrows, VA

Masters Program in Materials Science, Virginia Tech

Masters Program, University of Central Florida

Master Program in CS, Virginia Tech

Masters in Secondary Math Education, Virginia Tech

Intern, Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Teaching, John Hanson Middle School, Charles County, Maryland

Ballistic Missile Analyst and Engineer, SAIC, Arlington, VA

Masters in Secondary Math Education, Northern VA Master Program, (Virginia Tech)

Masters Program in EE, Georgia Tech

MIS Analyst, Capital One

Actuary, Aon Consulting

Teaching Mathematics, Craig County HS

Teaching Mathematics, Hemitage HS, Henrico County Public Schools

Graduate Program in Math, MIT

Teaching Mathematics, Eastern Montgomery HS

Teaching Middle School, New Jersey

Jobs Prospects of 2000 graduating Seniors

Towers Perrin - Actuary, Atlanta, GA

CarOrder.Com - Austin, TX

High School Teacher - Fairfax County Public Schools

VA Tech - Graduate Work in Mathematics (5 Students)

Synetics - Analyst

Penn State University - Graduate Work in Aerospace Engineering

High School Teacher - Winchester, VA, Public School System

Ball State University - Graduate Work in Education

VA Tech - Graduate Work in Education (2 Students)

High School Teacher - Brookwood School, Gwinnett County, GA

Qwest Communications, Inc. - Arlington, VA

High School Teacher - Roanoke County School System, Roanoke, VA

US Navy - Ensign

CMU - Graduate Work in Electrical & Computer Engineering

US Air Force - Second Lieutenant

ASA - Actuary, New Jersey

Teacher 6-12 - Oklahoma City, OK

Travelers - Hartford, CT

Jobs Prospects of 1999 graduating Seniors

Yale University, Graduate Study in Mathematics

Duke University, Biomedical Engineering - Ph.D. Program

Notre Dame, Computer Science - Masters Program

Florida State University, Mathematics - Masters Program

Virginia Tech - Math Department - Graduate Program - Master Degree

Virginia Tech - Math Department - Combined MS/BS Program

Virginia Tech - Math Department - MS in Applied Mathematics

Virginia Tech - Computer Science - Masters Program

SHAI, Artificial Intelligence Consulting, Seattle, WA

Anderson Consulting, International Computer Consultant, Washington, DC

CACI, Northern Virginia

Trigon Healthcare, Software Development, Richmond, VA

SPRINT, Associate Engineer

Microsoft, Seattle, Washington

Second Lieutenant in US Air Force, Space and Missile Training, Vandenberg AFB

Marconi Systems Technologies, Engineering on TOMAHAWK Cruise Missiles

Marcus & Millchap, Investment Broker

Hampton Inn, Myrtle Beach, Auditor

Bell Atlantic, Norfolk, Database Programmer

AAI Corp, Towson, MD, Software Engineer

Mathematics Teacher - Hanover Schools

High School Teacher - Granby HS, Norfolk Public School System

University of Missouri at Rolla - Graduate Study in Mathematics

SRA International

Virginia Tech - Math Department - MS in Mathematics Education

Mathematics Teacher - Nelson County HS

Arizona State, Dept. of Philosophy, Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Virginia Tech - Graduate Program in Statistics

University of SC, Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Mathematics

University of Arizona, Graduate Program, Applied Math

Infowave Technologies, Atlanta, GA

First Virginia Bank, Management Department, Northern Virginia

Hernandez Engineering

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, VA, Scientist

Teachers College, Columbia University

Naval Surface Warfare Center at Dahlgren, VA

Jobs Prospects of 1998 graduating Seniors

Data Analyst, Raytheon, Massachusetts

Programmer Analyst, AMS (American Management Systems), Fairfax, VA

Analyst, LCI International Communications

Va Tech - Mathematics, Masters in Math Education (Two Students)

University of California, Ph.D. Program in Math, Santa Barbara, CA.

High School Mathematics Teacher, Marietta, GA

High School Math Teacher, Newport News, VA

Consultant, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Springfield, VA

Colorado State University, Atmospheric Science in Applied Math, MS Program

Syscon, Dahlgren, VA

Wachovia, Winston-Salem, NC

Aerotec, Richmond, VA

Va Tech - Math Dept., Graduate Program (Two Students)

University of Texas - Math Dept., Ph.D. Program

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Baltimore, MD

Software Engineer and Data Analyst, SAIC, Northern Virginia

Network Engineer, MCI, Cary, NC

Software Engineer, IBM, Poughkeepsie, NY

Software Engineer, IMAKE, Bethesda, MD

Peace Corps

High School Math Teacher,,Spotsylvania, VA

Analyst, Lockheed Martin, Dahlgren, VA

Jobs Prospects of 1997 graduating Seniors

Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Inc. Reston, VA

Network Administrator, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Rockville, MD

Va Tech - Math Dept., Graduate Program

Financial Analyst, Lockheed-Martin, Rockville, MD

University of Texas, Graduate School - CS

Va. Tech - Math Dept., 5-Year BS/MS Program (Three Students)

Va Tech - Graduate School - Education

Anderson Consulting Company, Washington, DC

A.C.T., Woodbridge, VA

Navigator Training, Pensacola Naval Air Station

VCU, Graduate School

Naval Pilot Training, US Navy, Pensacola, FL

Va Tech - Operations Research, Graduate Program

Mathematics Department, Graduate School, University of Colorado

Electronics Data Systems, Unigraphic Department

Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren, VA

Data Analyst, Financial Institution, Capital One

Jobs Prospects of 1996 Graduating Seniors

Navy Flight School, Pensacola, FL

Teaching in Montgomery County, MD

Visual C++ Programmer, Microsoft in Seattle, WA

Graphics Hardware Lab, Hewlett Packard, Fort Collins, CO

Graduate Work in Mathematics, East Tennessee State University

Graduate Work in Catholic Theology, Franciscan Univ of Steubenville, OH

Officer in US Air Force

Rhodes Scholar (Numerical Analysis), Oxford University

Intern in Fairfax County doing Math and Programming

Computer Programmer, TRW, Northern Virginia

Graduate Work at UVA

Graduate Work in Statistics, VA Tech

Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC

Graduate Work in Environmental Engineering & Science, VA Tech

Mathematics and Computer Science, Teaching in Montgomery County, MD

Graduate Work in Mathematics, VA Tech (Three Students)

Graduate Work in Transportation Engineering, VA Tech

Masters of Business Administration, Old Dominion University

Intermediate Analyst in Pricing Dept., US Airways, Arlington, VA

Consultant, CAP Gemini America Corporation