Honors & Awards

In the past decade, the Virginia Tech Mathematics Department has won significant University, state-wide, and even national recognition for its programs, students, and professors, especially with respect to undergraduate education. We will not elaborate at length on the description of these honors and awards, but will merely give samples in the following links to illustrate the Mathematics Department’s accomplishments.

In the first link, we consider the department’s national standing, especially with respect to undergraduate education. The second link considers recognition from within the state of Virginia and within our own university. We will focus on activities that principally reflect on our undergraduate program and students.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to use published national rankings of Mathematics departments to help with your college selection. There is only one mathematics ranking of which we are aware, but this one focuses entirely on research and graduate programs. Virginia Tech is very well-respected in these areas, but it is even more respected when these considerations are combined with undergraduate program development and excellence in undergraduate instruction. We suggest that you examine these and other undergraduate factors at your prospective schools by asking them questions such as, "What is the average class size in freshman/sophomore Calculus classes?" (about 38 at Virginia Tech) or "What percent of these freshman/sophomore Calculus classes are taught by permanent faculty (not graduate students)?" (at Virginia Tech about 82% are permanent faculty, and the remaining 18% are finishing doctoral students who have had to prove in non-major mathematics courses and in our teaching certification process that they are good teachers).

National Recognition

The quality of undergraduate mathematics education at Virginia Tech has drwan national attention.

State & Local Recognition

Here are some of the University and regional honors our faculty and students have recently won.