Environment & Support

As we have previously mentioned, two primary emphases of our undergraduate Mathematics program are career preparation and personal attention to students. In this section we will give examples of the things that our department does to make our students' academic careers both rewarding and enjoyable. For example, probably the first Mathematics faculty members you will meet in Summer Orientation for new students will be Jessica Hurdus and Eric Ufferman. You can be sure that the preliminary information you get from them is correct and is pertinent to your individual situation. We want to be sure that you have a running start, and so we give you two of our best advisors for your initial contact with us. They will help you register for courses for the Fall semester.

You will also meet our Undergraduate Coordinator, Ms. Lori Berry in the Math Department office. Lori will look after all kinds of academic details for you during your undergraduate career.

As you go through the other sidebar items in this section, you will come to realize that the concern we show for our students is genuine, and not just skin-deep. All of these items will add up to a full measure of support for our students. These items include the University Honors Program, our Undergraduate Lounge, the Math Club, campus security, on-campus activities, mathematical competitions, and the opportunities to work as tutors and mentors in the Math Emporium. After you have examined the items here, we hope you will want to know more, and want to visit our campus to learn about them. We encourage your visit - let Prof. Robert Rogers know of your trip in advance and he will help you schedule your day on campus. We sincerely believe that the more you know about Mathematics at Virginia Tech, you more you will be impressed.

Class Size & Instruction

Small classes make a big difference in student success.

Student Work Opportunities

There are many tutoring and mentoring work opportunities.

University Honors Program

Honors enrichment is like the mortar between the blocks in a strong foundation.

Student Mathematical Opportunities

There are several opportunities to get involved in mathematical activities.

Campus Atmosphere & Security

Here is what it is like to live as a student at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.