Campus Atmosphere & Security

Most visitors agree that Virginia Tech has one of the prettiest campuses in the country. It is located on a highland plateau in the Appalachian Mountains, and because of that, has a very moderate climate-cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than most areas at the same latitude. There are abundant opportunities for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing (white water and regular), etc. Two years ago, for example, the Math Club took a spring semester hike in the Jefferson National Forest up to the Cascades waterfall that is the stream outlet for the famous Mountain Lake recreation area. On-campus activity opportunities are abundant, as well. Since it can be a long drive home for the weekend, the University realizes the need to sponsor numerous activities for those who stay in Blacksburg. Hence, you will find more interesting things to do on campus here than in most urban schools. Moreover, the University has two large student facilities, the War Memorial Gym and the McComas Student Health and Fitness Center, for swimming, basketball, racquetball, weight training, etc. For more general information on student activities, we encourage you to visit the Virginia Tech Office of Admissions homepage, as well as their Freshman Admissions site. These pages, of course, contain the full gamut of general campus information, e.g., fees and tuition, different dormitory living possibilities, University scholarships, information on different curricula, a map of the campus and descriptions of different buildings, the Squires Student Center (the building that houses offices for many student organizations), the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, electronic forms and applications, student music activities, etc.

Virginia Tech is a consolidated area separated from the rest of Blacksburg; there are no stores, commercial buildings, gas stations, public apartments, etc., mixed in with campus buildings. This makes it easier for the University to maintain security on campus, especially at night. There are numerous well-lighted phone areas which one can use to call for any needed help, and there are also escort services available. It is comforting to know that the people one sees on the sidewalks at night are essentially all here on University business, and that the campus buildings which are open for studying or meetings are well-patrolled by Campus Security personnel. The town and university also have a very fine bus system which is accessible from many campus locations; day and night.

Once again we invite you to visit our campus. We are convinced that you will be impressed with its physical beauty and the Virginia Tech activity opportunities. The Office of Admissions Freshman Admissions site will list the times of campus tours and various information sessions. Be sure also to contact Prof. Robert Rogers in the Mathematics Department (540)231-4184, to help you work mathematical activities into your itinerary. Remember, for a combination of large-university opportunities and small-college personal attention, you cannot beat Mathematics at Virginia Tech!