The Combined MS/BS Degree Program

The Combined MS/BS Degree Program has become very popular for obvious reasons. If at the end of your junior-year coursework, you satisfy certain academic conditions, you are allowed to take twelve hours of coursework and count it both towards your bachelors degree and towards a masters degree. This ability essentially saves a years time in obtaining both degrees. Moreover, you are not restricted to obtain the BS and MS degrees in the same discipline. Mathematics majors on occasion have obtained MS degrees in their applications-area discipline instead of in Mathematics. Also, this year we have had students completing MS degrees in Mathematics who received dual BS degrees in Mathematics in combination with Physics (2), Computer Science (3), Education, and Chemical Engineering.

There are many kinds of exciting degree combinations available, including both BS and MS degrees in Math. (One of the latter from this year is going into the Biomedical Engineering PhD program at Duke this Fall.) Moreover, all of our Combined MS/BS degree students thus far have been awarded Graduate Teaching Assistantships in their final year.

One of the links from this page (Departmental Structure) is the Mathematics Departments specifications for students in this program. The other link (University Structure) gives the general University requirements. We invite you once again to examine the diversity and extent of the research interests of our faculty so that you may feel comfortable in the amount and quality of guidance that you can expect to find as part of the Combined MS/BS Degree Program.

Departmental Structure

Specific Mathematics Requirements

University Structure

General University Requirements