Professional Development

The Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech has two faculty career advisors who work with students to develop the students' specific career interests and to help students find both temporary and permanent jobs. The career advisors use mass e-mailings and posted notices to keep students aware of job fairs, special industry requests, presentations by corporate visitors, the companies which are soon to interview on campus, etc. They also help students understand and stay current of the University processes for job searches. The career advisors also contact company representatives for relevant information concerning their mathematical hiring needs. For example, an actuarial guide was prepared for our ADM option students by one of our alums who is now a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. The advisors also publish and update a Career Handbook for Mathematics Majors, and serve as a liaison between the students and the University's Career Services Office. Two examples of departmental career activities are the annual Women's Career Week and the Samie Program. Each year our Women's Career Week features presentations from our alumnae and friends in industry concerning the particular challenges that women face, and provide help in how the challenges can be met. The Samie Program is run by the Center for Interdisciplinary and Applied Mathematics. It provides on-campus preparation for jobs with particular companies. In these Va Tech/industrial partnerships, the company requests on-campus training specific to its needs, and gives special hiring consideration to students that have participated. The Mathematics Department also makes students aware of important job-searching Web sites such as The Riley Guide for Employment and Job Resources on the Internet, MonsterTRAK for specific job opportunities, and USAJOBS (Government Jobs).