Undergraduate Advising

Math Major Handbook (including Traditional Option Information)[pdf] The purpose of these handbooks is to advise you, the mathematics student, about the Mathematics Department and the curriculum for the Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.

ACM Option Handbook[pdf] Handbook for the Applied Computational Mathematics Option.

ADM Option Handbook[pdf] Techniques which employ combinatorics and discrete mathematics are being used in almost every area where mathematical computations are found. In response to this area's increased importance and utility, the Department has developed the ADM (Applied Discrete Mathematics) Option, in which the student is given exposure to fundamental ideas and techniques in discrete mathematics and combinatorics. Since computers are central in these applications we also require the students in this option to develop a strong foundation in Computer Science.

MSTR Option Handbook[pdf] The MATH-ED Program is an option program, administered by the Department of Mathematics, that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. The program is designed to prepare future teachers of mathematics in secondary grades 6 - 12. The program is open to all students admitted into the Department of Mathematics.

Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program The Mathematics Department offers an accelerated program permitting up to 12 credit hours to be counted towards both B.S. and M.S. requirements (but hours meeting B.S. requirements cannot also be used later to meet Ph.D. requirements).