Undergraduate Research Projects for 4994 Credit

These are one semester projects directed by professors in their own areas of mathematical expertise. An individual student or group of students will assemble with a professor to define the project, set research goals, devise rules and do the work. To start a project, an individual or group must submit a completed 4994 request form (available at www.science.vt.edu/academics0/forms-students.html) along with a brief outline of the project to the Academic Dean of Student (College of Science, Office of the Dean, North End Center Suite 4300, 300 Turner St. NW, Blacksburg, VA 24061) by the third day of classes. The purpose of the outline is to provide consistency among projects. For more details, visit College of Science UR Instructions page

The research will culminate either in a written report or a presentation (talk or poster) to faculty and peers, a grade in Math 4994 and three hours credit. Up to eight hours of 4994 may be counted towards degree requirements. We require that in the case of a report, the report should be in a form consistent with a paper that might appear in a journal on undergraduate research.

It goes without saying that students will be expected to make significant contributions to the projects. Therefore topics must be chosen carefully to insure that whatever knowledge and skills the student has can be brought to bear on the problem at hand. On the average, seniors should expect to be in the best position to contribute to projects, but exceptional juniors are also encouraged to participate. The same goes for very exceptional sophomores, etc.

Students and professors may approach each other on the basis of a relationship in a present or past (or future) course, contacts through advising, other research or independent study projects or through other means.