Instructions for setting up iPhone/iPad for SOGo.
We need someone with an Andriod phone to volunteer for setup instruction. Please contact Bill Reilly if you are interested.

Rooms and projectors

These are the room and projector names that you can reserve. As you start typing the names in the search fields, they should auto complete.

For Mac Users: To do the equivalent of a mouse right-click, hold the control key down while you left click your mouse. This also works with a MacBook touch pad.

Intro to SOGo

The Mathematics Department has a new calendering system, SOGo, that can be used to reserve classrooms and projectors as well as keep track of appointments, meetings, and other events. SOGo also provides web mail access for your email, and an address book.

SOGo ties into our existing systems and uses your Math PID and password for access. All Mathematics Department faculty, staff, and graduate students have access to SOGo even if they normally use their email address normally. If your mail is forwarded to your address, your Math mailbox will be empty.

SOGo will normally be used in a web browser. There are Add-ins available for Thunderbird, but currently they are unstable and not recommended. You can also use mobile devices such as iPhone or Android smart phones. Please contact Bill Reilly for more information if you are interested or look at this.

By default your personal calendar is unshared. You will need to grant some level of access to others if you want them to to be able to view information in it.

Using SOGo

When you first access SOGo, it will be in the Mail mode. You can switch between Calendar, Address Book, and Mail using the menu at the top left.

Normally, events on all the calendars you are subscribed to will displayed in the calendar view. This is different then Meeting Maker which displayed different calendars in separate windows. You can customize the calendar view to make it easier to distinguish what events are on what calendar. More on this later.

Click the Calendars tab on the left side to display the list of calendars you are subscribed to (initially it will be just your Personal Calendar. You can find and subscribe to other calendars by clicking the third icon from left.

Subscribing to calendars

To subscribe to a calendar, start typing the name of the person or resource for that calendar next to the magnifying glass icon. As you type, a list of possible auto-completions will be displayed. You need to click on the small plus sign to the left of the entry to see the calendars available for subscription. Select one and click the Add button to subscribe to it. When you are finished click the Done button to close this pop-up window.

If you don't see any of these pop-up windows and you do see this: You may want to click the Options button and select "Allow pop-ups for".

Creating an event

Reservations are made by creating a new event and inviting the resource you want to that event. If you need to make any changes to the event, make sure you make them to the entry on your calendar. You probably don't have the permissions to directly modify the resource calendar.

At the top of the main window is a "New Event" button which opens the New Event pop-up window. Here you enter in a title and location for your event (even if you invite a room, put a location in the location field so other people will see it). You can also set a Reminder for your event. This can be a pop-up or an email message. You won't get any pop-up reminders unless you are signed into SOGo via the web at the time.

A few observations on how SOGo thinks events should work. The Start and End fields here are for single occurrence of your event. They will almost always be the same day. Events that repeat at regular intervals (say every Monday and Wednesday) are handled by the Repeat field. Repeat works best if you use Custom and fill in the appropriate information on the Repeat pop-up window. You would also set the End Date for your event there.

To invite a resource (or person) to your event, click the "Invite Attendees" button at the top of the New Event pop-up window. On the left side you can start typing the name and again it will auto-complete. The right side displays Free/Busy time information for attendees where available. Add each desired attendee, and click the OK button when done.

Once everything is to your liking, click the "Save and Close" icon at the top of the New Event pop-up window. Notice how you see two copies of the event, one is on your calendar and the other is on the resource calendar.

Customizing calendars

The check box to the left of each calendar toggles the display of events for that calendar in the view. You turn off display of calendars you don't want to see often until you need to see them.

You can also customize what the calendars look like. Right-click on a calendar to bring up the Properties for that calendar. Coloring each calendar a different color will make it easier to discern what events are on what calendars. Click on the Color box and you can chose a wide variety of colors for the calendar. You can shorten the Name of each calendar to the owners name as well to make it easier to see what calendars you are looking at.