Using Time machine on the Math Backup server

Time machine can be made to manage your backupspace available on the Math Backup server. You will create a sparse bundle disk image on your Mac and then copy this to the backup server. This disk image can be encrypted if you like. Then Time machine is set to use this disk image for backups, when the image fills, it will overwrite some of the older stuff in it. You will only be able to access the Backup server when you are connected to the Virginia Tech network using a wired connection, a wireless connection, or a VPN connection.

To create the disk image you will need two things, the hostname of your mac and the MAC address of it's en0 network interface. You can get both by running a few commands in a Terminal session.

The hostname will be returned by the command hostname and usually looks something like billsmbp.local. Everthing before the .local part is your hostname.

The MAC address will be returned with the command ifconfig en0. Look for a line that contains the word ether followed by 6 pairs of hexidecimal numbers/letters separated by colons (:). The numbers/letters without the colons are your MAC address.

If the ifconfig command returned ether 34:15:9e:01:ba:dd, the MAC address would be 34159e01badd.

Note: If Time Machine can not mount your backup device, it will pop a window saying the backup failed and the Time Machine icon (menubar) will have '!' in it.