Ryan Shifler

Email: twigg@vt.edu

Office: 565F McBryde Hall

  460 McBryde Hall
  Department of Mathematics
  Virginia Tech
  Blacksburg, VA 24061-0123

Advisor: Dr. Leonardo Mihalcea

Courses Taught:

Fall 2013: Math 2015
Spring 2014: Math 2016
Fall 2014: Math 1226
Spring 2015: Math 2204
Summer I 2015: Math 1226
Fall 2015: Math 1225
Spring 2016: Math 1226
Summer II 2016: Math 2204
Fall 2016: Math 1225

About Me:

I am in my final year as Ph.D. student in the Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech. I earned my Bachelor's degree from Salisbury University in Maryland in 2011 and my Master's degree from Virginia Tech in 2013. My research interests include studying the (small) quantum cohomology of homogeneous and quasi-homogeneous spaces and related topics.