Course Policy for Math 5226

Homework will be assigned in class about once each week. Assignments will be given during the lecture time or on the web page. I encourage students to work together on homework assignments, but you must acknowledge any collaboration, and I encourage everyone to write up the final draft of their homework on their own. Typed homework using Latex or Math Type is preferable. If hand written, the homework should be neat and legible and you should skip a line between each written line so that some comments may be added.

There will be two in-class exams and a final exam. The material to be covered on the exams will be announced in class. All students must take the final examination. This is a policy directive of the Dean of Sciences and no exceptions can be made.

The grade will be computed as follows.

Homework          45%
Midterm Exams     15% each
Final Exam        25%