Course Policies for MATH/CS 5485 Iterative Methods for Large Sparse Linear Systems and Eigenvalue Problems


Your score will be based on Although the grade scale is not completely fixed the following is guaranteed:

Homework Policy

Homework can be made in groups of up to three students; one student groups are fine. The amount of homework will be such that it can be completed without undue hardship by a single student in the given time. Each group hands in a single homework with the names of all collaborating students. Students are free to change groups from one homework to the next. Late homework is not accepted except for extenuating circumstances (such as medical reasons) or if a later deadline is arranged in advance with the instructor (for example, for conference attendance or presentation).

Honor System

The Virginia Tech Honor System applies to all graded work in this course. Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to the Honor Code. The inclusion in an assignment of work (from any source) done by someone whose name does not appear on the assignment or inclusion of the reproduction (by any means) of such work is a violation of the Honor Code unless this inclusion is used in a way explicitly authorized by the instructor.
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