Pictures and Movies

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Nara, Japan, fall 1997


Householder Symposium XIX Spa, Belgium, 2014: Excursion and Banquet, Dance

SIAM Applied Linear Algebra, Valencia, summer 2012: Banquet and SIAM Linear Algebra Prize

Householder Symposium 2011: Hike, Banquet

Conference in Honor of G.W. (Pete) Stewart's 70th Birthday: Celebration and Banquet

Householder Symposium 2008: Excursion, Banquet, Berlin Trip

SIAM-GAMM Applied Linear Algebra, Düsseldorf, summer 2006 (will return)

Celebration in honor of Henk van der Vorst, July 22, 2006

Zhen's Last Lunch (with the NA group)

Householder Symposium XVI, Seven Springs, 2005

Coeur d'Alene, fall 1996

Sydney, summer 2003 (will return)

Williamsburg, summer 2003 (will return)

Albuquerque, summer 2003 (will return)

Emory and Copper Mountain, spring 2004 (will return)