Important Web Links for Math Majors

The Undergraduate Catalog

This link hooks you up to the entire undergraduate catalog, which contains graduation requirements, lists of courses, payment of fees, timetables, etc.

College of Sciences Undergraduate Catalog for Students Starting in 2005 - 06

This web page contains specific information about various degree requirements of the college.  Click on Mathematics to read the requirements for your degree.

Undergraduate Courses as of 2005-06 Academic Year

This page lists all courses approved for undergraduate students that (hopefully) will be available for the next four years.  If you think you would be interested in a particular course, then check this web page for course description, prerequisites, etc.  It is very important that you meet all prerequisites before signing up for a course.

There is another way to get information about specific courses.  Go to the Hokie Spa and click on Timetable of Classes at the bottom of the page.  Then bring up a list of classes in which you are interested.  Click on the course number (circled in the figure below) and you will get the course information.

Sample Course Listing

Core Curriculum Requirements

You should download the guide from the following location.  It contains complete information about the University Core Curriculum.

Click on the following link for a brief summary of the Core Curriculum requirements as they apply to Math majors.

Core Curriculum Summary for Math Majors

Careers in Mathematics

For some basic information about careers in Mathematics go to the Math Department Homepage ( and click on Resources.  Then click on Employment.  Then click on Other Resources and you will get a wealth of information.

For more specific information about Mathematics as a career and careers that are "mathematics-friendly" study the Occupational Outlook Handbook (