Math 2224  13983

Spring 2010
9:05 MWF -  McBryde 307
James E. Shockley
Office: McBryde 420
Telephone: 1 - 6907 (Voice Mail is Unreliable)

Office Hours
MWF 10:00 - 11:45
TTh 9:30 - 11:00


Text: University Calculus by Hass, Weir and Thomas

Course Content:  See the Departmental Assignment Sheet.

Prerequisite:  Math 1206, 1224

Exam:  The common time final exam is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 11.  The exam location will be announced later.

Grade Calculation:  There will be three tests, a 10-point quiz (based on the homework)  given each Friday unless a test was scheduled for that week, and a final exam.  

           Tests:                                        300 points
           Weekly quizzes:                        100 points
           Final exam:                               160 points

The grades will be averaged.  The final grade will be no lower than the following scale.

                90 - 100    A
                80  -  89    B
                70  -  79    C
                60  -  69    D
                Below 59   F

Honor System Policy. You are encouraged to work together on the preliminary stages of the homework to clarify the problems, study background material, explain concepts, etc.  Any work (homework, quiz, test, exam) turned in for a grade, however, must be your own work and not the result of collaboration.

Note From the Math Department:  If you are not on the class roll that comes out after the last “add” date, you should check a terminal or the Registrar’s office and find the proper section. The Mathematics Department will not allow you to stay in this section or change to a different section later in the semester.  You will not be placed on a roll just because you are attending a section.