Information for Math Majors

James E. Shockley

Department of Mathematics

The college catalog is now on-line and does not have an index.  This means that you may spend hours looking up pertinent information needed for your successful graduation.  The following set of links locate a few of the main topics you need to survive Important Web Links

Actuarial Science Minor

The Department of Statistics now has a minor in Actuarial Science.  For more information go to the following link:

Transfer Credit

If you want to take some of your courses at other institutions you first go to the University Academic Advising Center Advisor's web page at

and click on Transfer D'Base.  Then select a state, click on Create College List, select a college and fill in the necessary information.  If transfer is allowed, then you must go to the Dean of Students Office in the College of Science and fill out a form listing the information about the transfer.  All of this should be done before you enroll in the course.