Course Contract: Math 1205 - Calculus
Fall 2012, Jessica Schmale


University Calculus, 2nd Edition, Haas-Weir-Thomas


You must have one of the following:
  • a grade of B or better in Math 1015/1016/1536
  • two units of high school algebra, one unit of geometry, 1/2 unit each of trigonometry and precalculus AND placement by the Mathematics Department

Course Content

We will cover the material listed on the course syllabus. Any changes will be announced in class. Each student is responsible for taking weekly online quizzes and completing assigned homework.


Attendance will be recorded during each lecture. You are responsible for any announcements made in class.

Online Quizzes

There will be 11 online quizzes. Each quiz contains 6 questions with the exception of Quiz 1 which contains 12 questions. Quiz 1 is a Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus review quiz and does not cover any material to be covered in class. Students are expected to have learned the material on Quiz 1 prior to taking Math 1205.

HW/In-Class Quizzes

Homework assignments will be posted on Scholar. Your HW/In-Class Quiz grade will be the combination of in-class quizzes, collected homework assignments and assigned worksheets. Several (unannounced) in-class quizzes will be given throughout the semester. The questions on these quizzes may be taken directly from, or similar to, the homework assigned. You are encouraged to work together on homework assignments; however, you must write up solutions on your own and copying is not permitted. Make-up quizzes will not be given and late homework will not be accepted. If you arrive late to class after an in-class quiz has started you will not be given extra time for the quiz. The Honor Code is in effect for all assignments. Your lowest HW/In-Class quiz grade will be dropped.


There will be 3 common-time exams which are (tentatively) scheduled for:
  1. 7:00pm, 26 September 2012
  2. 7:00pm, 31 October 2012
  3. 7:00pm, 5 December 2012
The final exam will be on Friday, December 14, 4:25 pm – 6:25 pm. The locations for the exams will be announced on the Math 1205 web page. Typically, they will not be the same as our lecture class.

You must take tests on the specified date. If you have a verified conflict with the time scheduled for an exam, an alternative starting time for the exam later in the evening will be provided. No other alternate tests or makeup tests will be given. Do NOT take this lightly. If it is to your benefit, your grade on the final exam will replace your lowest test grade.


On-line Quizzes: 20%
HW/In-class Quizzes: 15%
Exams(3): 45%
Final Exam: 20%
A 90% will guarantee an A-, 80% a B-, 70% a C-, 60% a D-. Plus and minus grades will be assigned at my discretion.

Honor System

You must abide by the Virginia Tech Honor Code for all graded work. See this webpage for further information about your responsibilities.


If you are not on the official class roll, you are not in the class. It is your responsibility that you are properly enrolled in the class section you attend. It is easy to verify. For no foreseeable reason (computer and/or registrar personnel mistakes included) will you be allowed to stay in the wrong section. Your work will not be graded. Simply attending a section will NOT entitle you to be placed on its roll.

If you need adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.

Laptop and tablet computers are permitted during class provided they are used in the flat- on-the-desk position. Open laptops are a distraction to others and are not permitted. Cell phones should be turned off or in silent mode and should be put away while class is in session.
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