Math 3574: Applied Complex Variables

Instructor: Robert C. Rogers

Course Description

On line delivery

This class will be delivered on-line. As far as possible, the course will be self-paced. Students taking this class will need well-developed independent learning skills to succeed. Students wishing to learn the same material in a more traditional setting should take MATH 4574 or MATH 4234


Multivariable calculus

Material covered

The course is intended to cover most of the material on complex variables usually covered in MATH 4574. There are four "modules" covered.

  1. Basics of Complex Numbers
  2. The Geometry of Complex Numbers
  3. Elementary Functions of a Complex Variable
  4. Properties of Complex Functions


The text for the course is available as a .pdf file. Please download it and print it out.

Students may find that a text such as Advanced Engineering Mathematics by P.V. O'Niel is helpful in supplementing on-line materials. (This text is often used in Virginia Tech's Math 4574 course. It contains a great deal of material in addition to the sections on complex variables.)

On line quizzes and tests

WARNING: While the on line testing system has been working well, but there still may be technical glitches or errors in the question database. If you are unable to read a question or feel that the question is in error, please write down the time, the number of the question, and problem. Point this out to the proctor, note the name of the proctor and send me an email with the information.

Grading Policy

The course grade will be based on the four proctored online module tests. Each test will be given equal weight. Each test has 20 points for a total of 80 points for the course. Grades will be assigned as follows

A- 72-74
B+ 69-71
B 66-68
B- 64-65
C+ 61-63
C 58-60
C- 55-57
D+ 53-54
D 48-52
F 0-47


Testing Procedures

Students may take each proctored test as many times as they wish (versions will be generated on line) and will receive credit for the highest grade received. Tests may be taken whenever the student is ready, subject to availability.

Note: It is our intention that you teach yourself this material by taking the tests repeatedly. You are encouraged to take the test often. In particular, it is good practice to take the online quizzes or even a proctored test before reading the section.

Honor Policy