Aspen Center for Physics

Winter Conference 2014, Monday evening, Jan 27 - Saturday noon, Feb 1.

Active Fluids: Bridging Complex Fluids and Biofluids

New! The Block Award is awarded to Douglas R. Brumley.

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Active fluids encompasses many branches of physics, including hard and soft condensed matter physics, polymer physics and engineering, continuum mechanics, biologically inspired engineering, statistical physics, and high-performance computing. This conference fosters cross-fertilization of ideas among groups of researchers. Our schedule consists of informal in-depth lectures and discussions, with a number of shorter contributions and posters. The scope includes but is not restricted to
  • How do we model active fluids?
  • How to experimentally capture the range of time and length scales in prototypical active fluids?
  • How to adapt these techniques to the study of active matter which typically requires resolution at both the nano scale and at the continuum level?
Approximately 85 participants are anticipated, including presenters and observers. We envisage a balance among faculty, postdocs and students. Our goal is that the conference serves as a nucleus of new contacts and collaborations that could potentially result in novel and transformative work.

Organizers: Arezoo Ardekani (University of Notre Dame), Eric Lauga (University of Cambridge), Yuriko Renardy (Virginia Tech), David Saintillan (University of California San Diego), Jun Zhang (New York University and Courant Institute).

Advisory board: Raymond Goldstein (University of Cambridge), Arshad Kudrolli (Clark University), Cristina Marchetti (Syracuse University), Wilson Poon (University of Edinburgh).

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