Peter Wapperom and Martien A. Hulsen

Numerical simulation of a viscoelastic fluid with anisotropic heat conduction

In: Numerical simulation of nonisothermal flow of viscoelastic liquids (eds. J.F. Dijksman and G.D.C. Kuiken), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht (1995) 37-55


For the nonisothermal flow of a viscoelastic fluid we have taken into account temperature dependency of the relaxation times and the viscosities in the constitutive equation for the stress. In the energy equation the heat flux is specified by Fourier's law, where anisotropic heat conduction has been taken into account. Furthermore one has to specify which part of the stress work is dissipated and which part is stored as elastic energy. The equations are solved with a finite element method for the balance equations and a streamline integration method for the constitutive equation. The influence of the Deborah number, the Péclet number and the cooling temperature are examined in a flow through a 4 to 1 contraction.


shift factors; dissipation; anisotropic heat conduction; finite elements; streamline integration; axisymmetrical 4 to 1 contraction