95 schools from 30 states took part in the 39th contest and there were 739 participants. The maximum possible score was 70. The leading scores were (if anybody has any objections about putting these leading scores on the WEB, please inform the Contest Director immediately!)

Score Name
Institution State Major/Grad
61 Wang Franklyn Thomas Jefferson VA HS
60 Stoner David W Harvard Univ MA Math 19
60 Sanguanmoo Sivakorn Univ WI Madison WI Math 21
54 Ardeishar Adam Thomas Jefferson VA HS
50 Gatesman Kyle Thomas Jefferson VA HS
48 Blitz Jackson Princeton Univ NJ Math 21
47 Ragavan Seyoon Princeton Univ NJ ?
45 Wibisono Kevin C Colgate NY ApMath&Stat 19
43 Chen Ziyi Univ IL Urbana IL Math 19
40 Busis Adam R Harvey Mudd College CA Math/Phys 19
40 Mason Alexander C WUSL MO Math 18
40 Wang Jianyou Duke NC Math&Stat 21
40 Altizia David J Carnegie Mellon PA MathSci 19
40 Li Xiaxin Univ WI Madison WI Math 20
39 Rathore Pratik Univ of MD MD EE 21
39 Aires Maxwell L Carnegie Mellon PA Math 21
38 Gui Feng Duke NC Math 18
38 Polansky Zachary H Univ of Rochester NY CS&Math 19
37 Wei Xunjiang Duke NC ? 21
37 Mikhail Ivkov S Carnegie Mellon PA Math 21
37 Lyu Yiwei Carnegie Mellon PA CS 21
32 Liang Evan Harvey Mudd College CA Math CS 20
31 Metz Erik Univ of MD MD Math&CS 20

The score distribution was
Score Range Number of Contestants
60 to 61 3
50 to 54 2
43 to 48 4
37 to 40 12
31 to 32 2
21 to 30 45
11 to 20 83
5 to 10 148
1 to 4 87
0 353

For more details, see all the scores ranked

The order of difficulty of the problems as indicated by the scores, starting with the hardest, was 7,3,6,1,2,5,4.

As usual, several students failed to put their registration number on their solutions. Some of the solutions we could not assign to a student, in other cases we made a guess (so it is possible a students got points he/she never actually got). Also, some registration forms weren't filled out.

I'm grateful for help from Edgar Saenz, Daniel Orr, Eyvindur Palsson, Evgeny Savel'ev and Sohei Yasuda.

I would like to thank all the schools who took part, and I hope you will all take part again next year. I also hope that many schools who did not take part this year will take part next year. Watch these WEB pages; even if you do not get an invitation, we will still be delighted for you to take part provided you fill in the registration forms before the closing date for entries.

The most likely date for the contest next year is Saturday, October 27 2018. Occasionally announcements about the competition will be posted in the Sci.Math newsgroup.