VTRMC Results 11

99 schools from 26 states took part in the 33rd contest and there were 615 participants. The maximum possible score was 70. The leading scores were (if anybody has any objections about putting these leading scores on the WEB, please inform the Contest Director immediately!)

Score Name
Institution State Major/Grad
70 Mebane, Palmer C Harvey Mudd College CA Math 12
70 Mu, Xiaosheng Yale CT Math 13
60 Jafarov, Jafar Univ of Michigan MI Math 12
60 Lee, Mitchell M Carnegie Mellon PA High School
60 Dittmer, Samuel J Brigham Young UT Math 14
53 Calvin Calvin Deng NC School of Sci&Math NC High School
51 Druggan, Michael T Carnegie Mellon PA Math 15
50 Iglesias, Jennifer M Harvey Mudd College CA Math 12
50 Li, Zehao Worcester Poly Inst MA Phys 13
50 Le, Tuan N Worcester Poly Inst MA Act Sci 14
50 Zhang, Zeyin Univ of Michigan MI Act Math 13
50 Triantafillou, Nicholas G Univ of Michigan MI Math/CS 13
50 Schlieper, William A UNC at Chapel Hill NC Math 12
50 Feigenbaum, Ahram S Vanderbilt TN Math 14
50 Golze, Hiram B Brigham Young UT Math 13
49 Vitek, Daniel R Duke NC Math/Phys 14
43 Gu, Albert F Carnegie Mellon PA Math/CS 15
41 Tang, Xiaoqing Univ of Rochester NY CS/Math 12
40 Yan, Jingeer Univ of MD MD Math 15
40 Banaszek, Michael C Duke NC Math 13
40 Shonak, Patel Carnegie Mellon PA Math 15
40 Wise, David M Carnegie Mellon PA Math/CS 15
40 Adams, Jonathan K Carnegie Mellon PA CS 12
40 Tianyi, Yang Brigham Young UT Math/Econ 14
39 Zhan, Tong Yale CT Math 13
38 Ta, Franklin Carnegie Mellon PA Math/CS 12
33 Nguyen, Hai N Worcester Poly Inst MA Math Sci 15
32 Goh, Yonghui Duke NC ECE 12
31 Zhang, Yuchen Worcester Poly Inst MA MAC 14
31 Lee, Christopher T Univ of MD MD Cell Bio 12
31 Song, Fei UVA VA Math/Econ 13

The score distribution was
Score Range Number of Contestants
61 to 70 2
51 to 60 5
41 to 50 11
31 to 40 13
21 to 30 49
15 to 20 57
10 to 14 129
5 to 9 85
1 to 4 24
0 239

For more details, see all the scores ranked

The order of difficulty of the problems indicated by the scores, starting with the hardest, was 6,5,1,4,7,3,2

Several students failed to put their registration number on their solutions. Some of the solutions we could not assign to a student, in other cases we made a guess (so it is possible a students got points he/she never actually got).

I would like to thank Leonardo Mihalcea for his considerable help.

I sincerely apologize for being slow this year (too many research students).

I would like to thank all the schools who took part, and I hope you will all take part again next year. I also hope that many schools who did not take part this year will take part next year. Watch these WEB pages; even if you do not get an invitation, we will still be delighted for you to take part provided you fill in the registration forms before the closing date for entries.

The most likely date for the contest next year is Saturday, October 27, 2012. Occasionally announcements about the competition will be posted in the newsgroup sci.math.