Results 2002
Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest

41 schools took part in the 24th contest and there were 248 participants. The maximum possible score was 70. The leading scores were (if anybody has any objections about putting these leading scores on the WEB, please inform the Contest Director immediately!)

Score Name State Institution Major, Graduation
70 Daniel M. Kane NC Duke High School
61 Po-Ru Loh NC Duke High School
61 David G. Arthur NC Duke Math/CS 2004
58 Oaz Nir NC Duke ?2005
50 Devlyn M. Brown FL Univ of Central Fl Math 2004
50 Chris A. Lipa NC NC State Math/CS 2003
39 Boxian Ye NC Duke ?2006
39 Abhijit C. Mehta NC Duke Phys/Math 2006
39 Wittawat Kositwattanarerk VA UVA Math 2006
38 Mayank H. Varia NC Duke ECE 2005
38 Anders H. Kaseorg NC Univ NC at Charlotte High School
38 Jason Cory Brunson VA Virginia Tech Math 2004
37 Thomas M. DuBois PA Carnegie Mellon CS/2003
36 Bogdan N. Ianev IN Wabash College Math 2003
35 Adam F. Siegel NC Duke Econ/Math 2004
34 Adam D. Chandler NC Duke Math/EnvS 2006
33 Paul M. Wrayno NC Duke ?2006
31 Charles P. Wang NC Duke EE 2005

The score distribution was
Score Range Number of Contestants
50 and above 6
30 to 49 18
20 to 29 36
15 to 19 16
10 to 14 46
5 to 9 38
1 to 4 17
0 71

For more detail, see all the scores ranked

The order of difficulty of the problems indicated by the scores, starting with the hardest, was 6,7,1,3,5,2,4.

Local supervisors will be sent the scores of their contestants soon.

I would like to thank all the schools who took part, and I hope you will all take part again next year. I also hope that many schools who did not take part this year will take part next year. Watch these WEB pages; even if you do not get an invitation, we will still be delighted for you to take part provided you fill in the registration forms before the closing date for entries.

The exam will take place at about the same time again next year. We will try to avoid important dates like GRE's and ACM. Occasionally announcements about the competition will be posted in the newsgroup sci.math. Otherwise no substantial changes in the format of the exam are planned.