Algebra Qualifying Exam, Fall 1989

Do six problems

  1. Compute the Galois group of 3x2 + 7x + 21 over

  2. By an ``N-group", we mean a finite group with the property that every nonidentity homomorphic image has a nonidentity center. Prove that maximal subgroups of N-groups are always normal.
  3. Let R be an integral domain and let K be its field of fractions. Assume that if , then either or . Prove that
    1. R is a local ring.
    2. R is integrally closed in K.
  4. Let R be a PID and let A, M be nonzero finitely generated R-modules.
    1. Show that if A is torsion free, then .  
    2. Provide a counterexample to the conclusion of (1) in the case A is not torsion free.
  5. Assume that p and q are distinct primes. Show that a group of order p2q cannot be simple.
  6. Let k be a field. If , define

    Prove that if f1,f2, ... is a countable list of polynomials in k[X1, ... ,Xn], then there is a positive integer T such that

  7. Let k be a field. Prove that if A and B are two -matrices with entries in k, both of which have minimal polynomial Xn-1, then A and B are similar.

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