Math 1014 - Precalculus with Transcendental

Summer I 2016

11:00-12:15 MTWRF

McBryde Hall 322

Instructor: Nathan Phillips


Office: 463C McBryde Hall

Office Hours:

Text: Algebra and Trigonometry, 5th Edition, by Robert Blitzer

Tentative Test Dates:

Test One: Friday, May 27th

Test Two: Friday, June 3rd

Test Three: Friday, June 10th

Test Four: Friday, June 17th

Test Five: Friday, June 24th

Final Exam:

8:00 am to 10:00 am, Saturday, July 2nd

The final exam is a required class meeting that will not be rescheduled for discretionary reasons, including conflicts with work schedules, conflicts with classes and exams at other colleges, and travel plans.

Grading Criteria: The final grade will be determined as follows:

Tests 45%

Quizzes & Homework 30%

Classwork 5%

Final 20%

90% will guarantee an A-, 80% will guarantee a B-, 70% will guarantee a C-, and 60% will guarantee a D-.

Specific grading disputes (points totaled incorrectly, partial credit appeals, missing assignments on Scholar, etc) should be brought to my attention within 1 week of return of the assignment. Appeals outside of this timeframe will not be considered.

Homework: Homework will be assigned regularly and typically collected at the start of class two days later (for example, assigned Monday and collected Wednesday). Unspecified problems will be graded. Homework will be graded for completeness, work shown, and correctness. Quizzes will be assigned semi-regularly. Quizzes will be graded for work shown and correctness. No late work will be accepted. A grade of zero will be assigned for any paper not on time. The lowest score from your combined homework and quizzes will be dropped at the end of the course. There will be no make-up homework or quizzes. I will accept homework that is turned in early.

Classwork: Classwork will be assigned periodically and completed/submitted by the end of class. Classwork will be graded for completeness and work shown. There will be no make-up classwork. The lowest classwork score will be dropped at the end of the course.

Honor System: All assignments, tests, and quizzes submitted will be considered graded work and must be completed on an individual basis. Homework may be discussed with other students as well as with the instructor. However, in writing up an assignment to be handed in, each student works alone (without other students or other students’ papers) and certifies that what is written accurately represents the student’s own understanding of the material expressed in the student’s own words. In working, or in preparing to work, homework problems, students may not consult partial or complete solutions of the problems that have been prepared by anyone else. The prohibited solutions include, but are not limited to, solutions by current or former teachers or students at VT or elsewhere, whether these solutions are posted on the web or available from other sources. The honor code applies to all graded work in this course. If you have any questions about how the honor code applies to a particular situation, it is your responsibility to ask.

Make-up Policy: You must take tests and quizzes on the specified date. In general, makeup exams will not be given. If a student misses an exam for reasons that are serious, unavoidable, and beyond the student's control, the situation will be handled on an individual basis. If it is to your benefit, your grade on the final exam will replace your lowest test grade.

Use of Calculators: No calculators are permitted unless otherwise noted.

Notifications: You are responsible for reading and responding to any notifications sent through Virginia Tech email or Scholar.

Tutoring Information: You can hire a private tutor by sending an email to Please indicate the course in the subject line of your email. Interested tutors will respond directly to you.

Disability Statement: If you need adaptations or accommodations because of a documented disability, please come to my office and talk to me as soon as possible.

Classroom Courtesy Statement: You and your classmates are entitled to learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect, and freedom from distractions and disturbances. The following guidelines are in effect for this class: