Michael Lugo


I am not teaching this Fall 2018. I have instructed the following courses in the past. In the past I have instructed Math 1225, Math 1226, Math 2204.


Visitor's Day Presentation 2017

An (exceedingly) brief talk describing my current research question dealing with the Affine Weyl Group.

[PDF] [Handout]

Combinatorics of the Cell Decomposition of Affine Springer Fibers

My Master's Presentation which discussed the definition of the Affine Flag and the corresponding Affine Springer Fibers. The decomposition of these fibers by cells indexed by the Affine Symmetric group is introduced. Then various bijections of the Affine Symmetric group to parking functions and certain tuples are introduced and discussed.

[PDF] [Handout]


Master's in Mathematics 2015

Virginia Tech

B.A. in Mathematics 2013

Carson Newman University

Fun fact: 2013 was the last year Carson Newman University was named Carson Newman College.


Office: 466B McBryde

Email: mrlugo@vt.edu