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Math 5414: Partial Differential Equations

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MW 4:00-5:15, McB 318


Instructor: Michael Renardy (
Office: McBryde 406 (Phone: 1-8001)
Office Hours: 3-4 pm MWF.

An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations, by M. Renardy and R.C. Rogers, Springer, New York, 2nd ed. 2004.

4000 real analysis.

Educational Objectives:

This class is intended to prepare students for working with partial differential equations at the research level. We shall cover the middle part of the book. Topics include distributions, and introduction to functional analysis and Sobolev spaces. The course will continue into a second semester, which will cover elliptic boundary value problems, evolution equations and semigroup theory.

Homework and Grade:
Grades will be based on graded homework problems. Written solutions will be provided for all homework problems. Solutions and grades will be posted on Canvas. The following is a list of problems which will be collected and graded and dates when they are due:

  • 5.1 (9/13): 2,5,8,11,17.
  • 5.2 (9/18): 22,23,24,28.
  • 5.3 (9/25): 33,36,41,44.
  • 5.4 (10/4): 46,48,50,52.
  • 5.5 (10/11): 57,58.
  • 6.1 (10/18): 6,7,9,13.
  • 6.2 (10/23): 17,19,21,22.
  • 6.3 (11/13): 27,29,30,31,34.
  • 7 (11/27): 1,4,13,18,21.
  • 8.1 (12/6): 2,3,7,11.
  • 8.2 (12/11): 13,15,16.
  • 8.3 (12/13): 18,19.

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