Math 2214 Fall 2017

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CRN: 85474 MW from 2:30 3:45pm in WLH 350

CRN: 85470 MW from 4 - 5pm in WLH 330

Office hours are held 10am 1pm on MTWR (or by appointments)

Final Exam office will be up soon


Class for Monday (Dec 11)

Final Exam : Common time Final Exam is Dec. 15 from 7:00 till 9:00pm

In Class room SURGE 104C (SSD students are in WLH 350 from 5 9 pm)


Look over old common finals from Fall and Spring 2016 found of department homepage for 2214.

Last Day to withdraw from any class is on Wednesday, the last day of classes.

Resource materials for Chap 6: Page 1 and Page 2

All homework and test solutions as well as resource materials are found on the homework and solutions page.



Solutions to TEST 2A and TEST 2B


Solutions to Test 3A and Test 3B