Mohamed Ben Romdhane

Instructor of Mathematics
Mathematics Department,
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 
Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.




*      Contact information


*    Personal Information:


       Age: __________   28 years old

       Marital status: __  Married

       Religion: _______ MUSLIM

       Mother tongue: __ Arabic

       Nationality: _____ Tunisian





*    Arab and Muslim Mathematicians


       Mohammad AL-KHAWARIZMI (780-850) “The father of the Algebra”.  -see also here-

       Abu-Yusuf   AL-KINDI (801–873)

       Abu-Nasr AL-FARABI (872-950)

       Al-Hassan IBN AL-HAYTHAM (965-1039)

       Abu Ali  IBN-SINA “Avicenna” (980-1037)

       Abu Arrayhan AL-BAYRUNI (973-1048)

       Omar  AL-KHAYAM (1048 – 1122)

       Sharaf Al-Din  ATTOUSSI (1135 - 1213)

       Ghiyath Al-Din AL-KASHI (1380-1429)
“see also: AL-KASHI’s law of cosines”.


       Brief history of Islamic and Arabic Mathematics (between 622 JC  and 1600 JC)








































































       Office Address:   474 McBryde Hall
                                            Department of Mathematics
                                            Virginia Tech 
                                            Blacksburg, VA 24061-0123
       Phone:     Office:   (540) 231-3446
                             Home:    (540) 953-0025
       Fax:                         (540) 231-5960

       E-mail Address:






*      Education


 PhD. in Mathematics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, August 2011.

       Fields:  Applied & Computational Mathematics, Numerical Solutions for Partial Differential Equations, Interface Problems.

       Dissertation:  Higher-Degree Immersed Finite Elements for Second-Order Elliptic Interface Problems.

       Advisor:  Prof. Slimane Adjerid;   

       Co-Advisor:  Prof. Tao Lin.


 Master of Science, Mathematics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, December 2009.

       Advisor:  Prof. Slimane Adjerid.


 Master of Science, Engineering Mathematics, Tunisia Polytechnic School, Tunisia, July 2008.

       Fields: Applied & Computational Mathematics, Computational Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Integral Equations.

       Dissertation: An Embedded Crack in a Functionally Graded Orthotropic Coating Bonded to a Homogeneous Substrate under Static and Dynamic Loading.

       Advisor:  Prof. Sami EL-BORGI


 Bachelor of Engineering, National Diploma of Engineer, Tunisia Polytechnic School, Tunisia, June 2007.

       Degree:  Multidisciplinary Engineer’s Degree.

       Specialty:   Signals and Systems.




*      Teaching


       Fall 2011:  Teaching Math 2224 (CRNs - 94219, 94226, 94227).

                   Teaching Math 2015 (CRN-94202).

       Fall 2010: Teaching Math 1205 (CRN-98288).

       Spring 2010: Teaching Math 1205 (CRN-13886).

       Fall 2009: Teaching Math 1206 (CRN-93876).

       Spring 2009: Teaching Math 2015 (CRN-13943).

       Fall 2008: Teaching Math 1205 (CRN-93881).

       Fall 2007 - Spring 2008: Working at the Math Emporium




*      Research Interests


       Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

       Applied and Computational Mathematics

       Finite Elements Method, Immersed Finite Elements, Interface Problems

       Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

       Numerical Solution for Partial Differential Equations

       Computational Sciences





*    Ongoing Research


       Immersed Finite Elements For Elliptic Interface Problems

       Quadratic Immersed Finite Elements

       Interior Penalty Immersed Finite Element Method

       Isoparametric  Immersed Finite Elements

       p-th degree Immersed Finite Element Spaces

       Higher-Order Immersed Finite Elements



*    Curriculum Vitae

        My CV









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