Math 2015: Elementary Calculus w/ Trigonometry, Spring 2009, CRN 13943

MW 4:00 - 5:15 pm, McBryde 332


Graduate Student, Mathematics Department, Virginia Tech

*     Course Content

Math 2015 is a 3-credit Elementary Calculus and Trigonometry course. We will cover the material listed on the course syllabus, which deals mainly with the following topics: anti-derivatives, definite integrals, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and elementary differential equations. By the end of the course, you should be able to apply calculus methods to problems that may come up in your other courses and, eventually, in your specialization field.



*      Text: Applied Calculus, Third Edition, by Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, Lock, Flath, et. Al.
Required Course Note Packet is available at the bookstores.


*     Course Format

*      Labs: These projects will present a deeper look at some applications and will introduce you to the use of spreadsheet programs to analyze calculus problems. The labs use the software program Excel. 4 labs will be assigned. Check the syllabus for their due date. Each lab will have an on-line introduction available. The labs may be worked in groups. See the Honor Code statement for this class. The lab assessment will be an on-line quiz by the due date.

*      HW: Written homework assignments are posted on the course web page, with the syllabus at: . Homework will be occasionally collected in the first lecture class of the week (without previous announcement) and graded. Each week’s problems are listed with the syllabus. Homework will be checked for completeness, work shown and correctness.

No late papers will be accepted; however your 2 lowest homework assignments will be dropped. Students may work together on daily homework, but each student has to return his or her own material; copying of work is not permitted.

*      In-class Quizzes: Every Monday, there will be a short quiz administered based on previous week material. You will only have from 4 PM until 4:15 PM to complete the quiz. There will be NO make-up quizzes and NO extensions. Each quiz paper must be handed in no later than 8:15 AM. If you arrive to class between 8 and 8:15 am, you may take your quiz, but you must turn it in to me by 8:15 AM. There may be some take-home quizzes given periodically throughout the semester. Your 2 lowest quizzes grades will be dropped to allow for occasionally missing a class for whatever reason.



*     Attendance

Attendance will be recorded during each lecture. Attendance does not count as part of the grade; but you are responsible for any announcements made in class, and for any material and assignments missed.


*     Tests

There will be 3 common-time exams which are (tentatively) scheduled for:

*      7:00pm, 19 February 2009

*      7:00pm, 02 April 2009

*      7:00pm, 30 April 2009

The final exam will be Friday, 08 May 2009, 4:25 pm - 6:25 pm.

The locations for the exams will be announced on the Math 2015 web page. Typically, they will not be the same as our lecture class.


*      Honor System:

            Virginia Tech Honor Code applies for all graded work. See the course contract for more details


*      Resource Links

*      2015 Course Contract - Spring-2009

*      2015 Syllabus  

*      Math 2015 course web-page


*     Announcements for Math 2015

*     See Blackboard:


*     Course outline

*     Lesson 1: Section 5.1: Left hand and right hand sums

*     Lesson 2: Sections 5.2 & 5.3: Definite integral and Area 

*     Lesson 3: TrapSimp: Numerical Integration (Trapezoid and Simpson’s Rules) 

*     Lesson 4: Section 5.4: Area (Continued)

*     Lesson 5: Section 5.5: Interpreting Integrals & Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

*     Lesson 6: Section 10.1: Introduction to differential equations

*     Lesson 7: Sections 10.2 & 10.4: Exponential growth and decay

*     Lesson 8: Section 6.1: Integral Properties and Average Value

*     Lesson 9: Section 6.4: Population Growth

*     Lesson 10: Section 10.5:

*     Lesson 11: Section 7.1: Antiderivatives

*     Lesson 12: Section 7.2: Integrals by Substitution

*     Lesson 13: Section 7.3 (Part-1): Definite Integrals

*     Lesson 14: Section 7.3 (Part-2): Improper Integrals

*     Lesson 15: Section 7.4: Analyzing Antiderivatives

*     Lesson 16: Volumes: Volumes I

*     Lesson 17: Volumes: Volumes II (Solids of Revolution)

*     Lesson 18: Volumes: Volumes III (General Solids)

*     Lesson 19: Section 8.1: Density Functions and Probability

*     Lesson 20: Section 8.2: Probability and Cumulative Distribution Functions

*     Lesson 21: Section 8.3: Mean and Median



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