Math 1205: Differential Calculus, Spring 2010, CRN 13886

MWF 11:15 am - 12:05 pm, McBryde 230


Graduate Student, Mathematics Department, Virginia Tech

*     Course Content

Math 1205 is a 3-credit differential calculus course. We will cover the material listed on the course syllabus, which deals mainly with the following topics: limits, continuity, differentiation, and applications of differentiation. Any changes will be announced in class.

Each student is responsible for taking weekly on-line quizzes and completing assigned homework.


*      Text: University Calculus, 1st Edition, Haas-Weir-Thomas


*     Course Format

*      HW: Written homework assignments are posted on the course web page: Certain assignments will be collected and graded (without previous announcement). Students may work together on daily homework, but each student has to return his or her own material; copying of work is not permitted.

*      In-class Quizzes: There will be in class quizzes, which may be announced or unannounced. In-class quizzes will be given occasionally on the material covered in the homework.

*      Emporium Quizzes (On-line Quizzes): They are required. The syllabus shows the deadlines for each one. For further information, see the course web page. Your lowest Emporium Quizzes grade (except the grade of Quiz 1) will be dropped, so you should note that Quiz 1 will NEVER be one of the ones dropped.


Note: No late papers (including quizzes, homework and labs) will be accepted. A grade of zero will be assigned for any paper not on time. However, your lowest two homework / in class-quizzes grades will be dropped (means a total of two grades will be dropped, but not two homework and two quizzes grades).


*     Attendance

Attendance will be recorded during each lecture. Attendance does not count as part of the grade; but you are responsible for any announcements made in class, and for any material and assignments missed.


*     Tests

There will be 3 common-time tests which are (tentatively) scheduled for:

*      7:00pm, 10 February 2010 

*      7:00pm, 31 March 2010

*      7:00pm, 28 April 2010

The common final exam will be Wednesday, 10 May 2010: 11:05 am - 1:05 pm.

The locations for the tests and for the final exam will be announced on the Math 1205 web page. Typically, they will not be the same as our lecture class.


*      Honor System:

            Virginia Tech Honor Code applies for all graded work..


*      Resource Links

*      1205 Course Contract

*      1205 Syllabus

*      Math 1205 course web-page

*      Blackboard and Scholar



*     Course outline

         Chapter 2: Limits and Continuity

*     Section 2.2: Limit of a function and limit laws

*     Section 2.3: The precise definition of a limit

*     Section 2.4: One sided limit, limit at infinity and Horizontal asymptotes

*     Section 2.5: Infinite limits and Vertical asymptotes.

*     Section 2.6: Continuity / Intermediate Value Theorem

*     Section 2.7: Tangents at a point


         Chapter 3: Differentiation

*     Section 3.1: The derivative as a function

*     Section 3.2: Differentiation rules (for Polynomials, Exponentials, Products and Quotients)

*     Section 3.3: The derivative as a rate of change

*     Section 3.4: Derivatives of trigonometric functions

*     Section 3.5: The chain rule

*     Section 3.6: Implicit differentiation

*     Section 3.7: Derivatives of inverse functions and Logarithms

*     Section 3.8: Inverse trigonometric functions

*     Section 3.9: Related Rates

*     Section 3.10: Linearization and Differentials


         Chapter 4: Applications of Derivatives

*     Section 4.7: Newton’s method

*     Section 4.1: Extreme values of a function

*     Section 4.2: The Mean Value Theorem

*     Section 4.3: Monotonic functions and the First derivative test

*     Section 4.4: Concavity and Curve sketching

*     Section 4.5: Applied optimization





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