NEW! (Spring 1997)

GROUP-LAB (Beta Test Version) A group computation program for use with finite groups of orders not greater than 250. The program runs under MS-DOS (or under Windows in a full-screen DOS window). A group can be selected from an included library or may be defined by its presentation in terms of generators and relations.

More than two dozen group algebra commands and operations may be performed, including the computation of the center, commutator subgroup, and centralizers; the computation of all subgroups, conjugacy classes, and the subgroup lattice structure; and the graphing of a Cayley diagram for the group; and many more. Here is GROUP-LAB's graph of the Icosahedral group.

One of the demonstration files supplied with GROUP-LAB is OVERVIEW.GLD. A "diary" record of the contents of this demonstration session is available for viewing. [View OVERVIEW.GLD session.]

Several help screens may be accessed while using GROUP-LAB. The contents of the help file is available for viewing. [View HELP FILE.]

GROUP-LAB is downloadable. The downloaded file is GLWWWPAK.EXE, a self- unpacking file that expands to 22 files including the GROUP-LAB program file, several demonstration files, a help file, and a number of saved example files. To unpack, simply run GLWWWPAK.EXE. The GROUP-LAB program file is GLWWW.EXE. [Download GROUP-LAB.]

DrMATRIX. This is a command-oriented matrix-manipulation program for MS-DOS (it will run under Windows) suitable for most general college-level linear algebra courses. The downloaded file is DRMPACK.EXE, a self-unpacking file that expands to 24 files including the DrMATRIX program, several demonstration files, and a number of saved DrMATRIX environment files (most with executable macro files). To unpack, simply run DRMPACK.EXE. The DrMATRIX program file is DRMWWW96.EXE. [Download DrMATRIX.]

DrMATRIX/GF2. This is a modification of DrMATRIX to work with matrices over finite fields GF(p^n) where p=2, 3, 5, or 7, and n=1...8. It runs under MS-DOS (also under Windows). The downloaded file is GF2WWPAC.EXE, a self-unpacking file that expands to 11 files, including the DrMATRIX/GF2 program, a demonstration file, and a nine saved DrMATRIX/GF2 environment files (most with executable macro files). To unpack, simply run GF2WWPAC.EXE. The DrMATRIX/GF2 program file is DRMGF2WW.EXE. [Download DrMATRIX/ GF2.]

DIFF-EQ. A general purpose DOS program for calculating and graphing numerical solutions of differential and difference equations, including features that permit the graphical animation of some mechanical systems. Several graphics displays are shown below.

Several problems in PDEs can also be solved.

DIFF-EQ can also be downloaded. The downloaded file is DIFWWPAK.EXE, a self- expanding MSDOS executable file. When executed, it expands to 31 files of which four are demonstration files and 24 are saved environment/example files. The program file is DIFFWW96.EXE. [Download DIFF-EQ. ]

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