Kelli Karcher


Phone: (540) 231-2030

Office: 565C McBryde Hall

  460 McBryde Hall
  Department of Mathematics
  Virginia Tech
  Blacksburg, VA 24061-0123

Advisor: Dr. Peter Linnell

Classes Taught:

Fall 2010: Math 1205
Summer 2011: Math 1016
Fall 2011: Math 1205
Spring 2012: Math 1206
Summer 2012: Math 2534
Fall 2012: Math 1205
Spring 2013: Math 2534
Fall 2013: Math 2016
Spring 2014: Math 2534
Summer 2014: Math 2534
Fall 2014: Math 2024
Math 2015
Spring 2015: Math 2534
Summer 2015: Math 1526
Fall 2015: Math 2534

About Me:

I am a fourth year PhD in the Math Dept at Virginia Tech. I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Math and Chemistry from Virginia Wesleyan College in 2008, and with a Master's in Math from Virginia Tech in 2011. I currently work as a graduate teaching assistant for the Math Department. I hope to graduate with a PhD in Math in Spring 2016.

In Fall 2012, Samantha Erwin and I launched a chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) at Virginia Tech. My research interests are centered in algebra focusing on orderable group theory.