Instructions for Individual Class Projects

A project is optional and can add no more than 20 points to the raw score used in computing your final average.  This means that it only can count as much as two standard homework problems, so a project should not be too elaborate.

A project should be the work of only one person and should involve some topic relevant to the course.

If a project is a computer program, then

If you wish to do a project, then think carefully about what it should be and then submit a proposal to me.  Do not do any significant work on a project until I approve the proposal, because I may want some changes from your original plan.  The proposal must be approved while at least two full weeks of classes remain in the semester.

The completed project must be delivered to me by Friday of the last full week of classes.  Please note that the Va Tech e-mail server will not allow you to send exe files.  The files must be delivered in person to my office.  If you do a computer program, it will be best to load it on a laptop and run it in my office.

                                                  James E. Shockley