Jason Cory Brunson
Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant, Department of Mathematics, Virginia Tech
Visiting Researcher, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

Contact Information:

Phone:   (540) 231-1649
FAX:     (540) 231-2606
Office:  VBI 245-15
Hours:   by appt.
Address: Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
         Washington Street, MC 0477
         Virginia Tech
         Blacksburg, VA 24061
For my email address, set your keyboard layout to Dvorak and type the following as though still in qwerty: canofl;s@.kedhf






Either i went or i plan to.

Papers (out of date):

In the past, i severely violated Grossman and Ion's plea, but i have since reformed. I have an Erdős number of 3 and a Bacon number of 3.