Serkan Gugercin

Book Chapters

  1. A. Castagnotto, C.A. Beattie, and S. Gugercin. Interpolatory methods for H∞ model reduction of multi-input/multi-output systems. In: Benner P., Ohlberger M., Patera A., Rozza G., Urban K. (eds) Model Reduction of Parametrized Systems. MS&A (Modeling, Simulation and Applications), vol 17, pp. 349—365, Springer, Cham, 2017.

  2. J.T. Borggaard and S. Gugercin. Model Reduction for DAEs with an Application to Flow Control. Active Flow and Combustion Control 2014, R. King editors, Springer-Verlag, Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design, Vol. 127, (ISBN 978-3-319-11966-3), pp. 381—396, 2015.

  3. C.A. Beattie and S. Gugercin. Model Reduction by Rational Interpolation. In P. Benner, A. Cohen, M. Ohlberger, and K. Willcox (eds.), Model Reduction and Approximation: Theory and Algorithms, pp. 297—334, SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 2017.

  4. A.C. Antoulas, C.A. Beattie and S. Gugercin. Interpolatory model reduction of large-scale dynamical systems. Efficient Modeling and Control of Large-Scale Systems, J. Mohammadpour and K. Grigoriadis editors, Springer-Verlag, ISBN 978-1-4419-5756-6, Publication date: Feb. 2010. (Copyright Springer, 2009)

  5. S. Gugercin and J.-R. Li. Smith-type methods for balanced truncation of large-sparse systems. Dimension Reduction of Large-scale Systems, P. Benner, G.H. Golub, V.L. Mehrman and D.C. Sorensen editors, Springer-Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, Vol. 45 (ISBN 3-540-24545-6), Berlin/Heidelberg, 2005. (Copyright Springer, 2005)

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