Math 4445

Introduction to Numerical Analysis

Course Description

From Catalog:

Vector spaces and review of linear algebra, direct and iterative solutions of linear systems of equations, numerical solutions to the algebraic eigenvalue problem, solutions of general non-linear equations and systems of equations.

The first semester of this course will cover Chapters 1-9 from A First Course in Numerical Methods by Ascher and Greif. Ideally, you should read Chapters 1 and 4 on your own before the semester for motivation and linear algebra review. In previous years, this material was covered in Chapters 1, 2, 6, 7 and 9 from Numerical Analysis, 9th Edition by Burden and Faires.

The topics we will cover include:

  • Review of Linear Algebra (brief)
  • Finite Precision Arithmetic (brief)
  • Direct Methods for Solving Linear Systems
  • Iterative Methods for Solving Linear Systems
  • Eigenvalue Problems
  • Systems of Nonlinear Equations

The course references will consist of the textbook, lecture notes, and online material posted on Scholar. The syllabus for this section and section 4445_94328 will be coordinated to offer maximum flexibility when taking MATH 4446 in the upcoming spring semester.

Course Instructor: Jeff Borggaard

Regular office hours will be held in McBryde 528, times will be arranged at the first class meeting. Additional meeting times can be arranged by e-mail.

Recent Course Contract

Math 4445 - Introduction to Numerical Analysis - Fall 2012


Jeff Borggaard, regular office hours will be held in McBryde 528. Students are invited to e-mail me at ( to arrange an appointment.


A First Course in Numerical Methods, Uri Ascher and Chen Greif, SIAM, 2011. (available at the VT Bookstore, at online booksellers, and electronically at .

Evaluation and Grading

Regular homework assignments constitute 10% of the grade. Two in-class exams and a final exam will be worth 20% each. The remaining 30% will be made up from approximately four or five projects.

Honor Code

Failure to follow these restrictions, and giving or receiving unauthorized aid or assistance on homework, projects or any in-class or take-home exams are Virginia Tech Honor System violations and cases will be filed.