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Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller

Rachel started in 1999 as a software test engineer with the Office Products Development Team. She is now in a management position in software development, and is also finishing an MS degree in Applied Mathematics.

Rachel Miller began at Microsoft in 1999 upon her graduation with a BS in Mathematics. As an undergraduate, Ray had a summer undergraduate internship with Microsoft. She began as a software test engineer, where she developed automated testing in VB and C++, along with manual testing, to confirm and improver her features. She also directed team testing along these lines. Ray also mentored and managed summer interns, and she participated in the company interview process for temporary and permanent employees.

Ray was then promoted to her current position as Software Development Engineering/Test Lead (SDET) for the Office Product Development team. This job deals more with management of strategic planning for product features, and with general management initiatives. As such, she leads design and specification reviews and organizes team-wide and office-wide specialty tests.

Ray states that, "Mathematics has played a large role in my Microsoft career with respect to increasing my general problem-solving skills, the core of the testing discipline. It has also led to a deeper understanding of feature design and algorithms." Ray is confident that her masters-level work will provide similar enhancement, especially in terms of a broader spectrum of problems that she encounters as a supervisor.